PHOTOGRAPHY – it is a lifestyle

It is so easy to say but it is one hell of a chapter which pages stand out of to the counts of infinity.

What can we do to make a living out of it?  

Get this, if you passed out from a prestigious photography institution, the fraternity will not provide you job . They do have their heart in the right place which is spreading the knowledge but at the end of the day with a diploma you will be jobless. And then we will search for some irrelevant jobs which are never meant for us .

Only thing we can do is CREATING OURSELVES.

The dream, whether its day or night, we dream.  And what does dream do ?

Dream whispers

The hardest thing to listen to is our instincts human intuition, dream rarely shouts it always whispers and our job is to listen to those whispers. These whispers are the game changer. We need keep our ears open to listen to those whispers . And these are the things which can shape us to be a better person every passing day irrespective to any genre of art.

We need to be devoted to our ideas. We need to inspire the person we see in the mirror. Start creating ideas, whether or not that idea can be awful or a genius,  one should have the ambition within him/her to execute it. 

I will also say, be jealous to good works. That will bring up your determination to outdo even better works.

Do look into a lot of pictures that’s how you learn, but try to be YOU,  be the origin. Express your ORIGINALITY

Make sure to leave an impression, an evolution, one imprint of your originality.  In which people might get your idea or they might  not . But you will really happy inside while you see them trying.

Happy Clicking

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