About Me

Hello, I am Asutosh Kashyap. Loving snakes and finding stories with people through my camera has been one of my most favourite things to do.

I was brought up in upper Assam, Jorhat and just like little Ellie I have always dreamed of a hurricane that will take me to somewhere and to another country, and to be honest I did end up in an another country with the royal culture, but it’s not the hurricane that took me there, it was my passion and my want to gain more knowledge about my field that gave me the courage to go to London Film Academy and learn more about the definitions of shadows and contrast or in short how to Visually tell a story. I was always fascinated by the various expressions and emotions that a person carries, when I started capturing them and I slowly learned how much I love being with people and to work for them. Being somewhere in the 11th year of my profession I think it’s time to share my little bit of experience and knowledge with the youngsters to guide them with various perspectives. And keeping that in mind I have created this website for you all so you get access to my works and thoughts about everything that surrounds me.

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I am trained in the field of cinematography and light designing from London Film Academy. I have experience working with highly professional cameras like Arri, Red , Panavision.


The street has made me who I am today. The people , the faces and the emotions has taught me the ABC of photography.


I currently make documentaries for Starbucks Foundations and Barefoot College International. Research based documentaries are my strong base, the hidden stories that can have an impact on the society is what I search for.


I am trained in sound mixing, colour grading , producing , budgeting and basically most of the roles that is expected in a good production.


You can give me a plot and let me be flexible with my frames and I can guarantee to make your story real.


I own a Mavic 2 pro, I know how to make it fly. 😀